Tactical Nukes: One Little Nuclear Weapon Can Ruin Your Whole Day

Some people believe smaller nuclear weapons, or tactical nuclear weapons, can be used to fight battles. But nuclear weapons are nuclear weapons, and contemplating their use on the battlefield opens the door for full-scale nuclear war. Our videos are just a launchpad for you to continue learning about nuclear weapons.  Here are various levels of…

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Top Ten Reasons Why Nuclear Weapons Are a Bigger Threat Now Than Ever

Since their creation in 1945, nuclear weapons have threatened human existence. Most people believe the danger disappeared with the end of the Cold War, but experts have been saying that the risk posed by nuclear weapons is actually greater now than it’s ever been. Here are 10 reasons why. This video just scratches the surface…

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Did Ukraine Make a Mistake by Giving Up Nuclear Weapons?

Special Episode

In the 90s, Ukraine made the decision to dismantle the thousands of former Soviet nuclear weapons left on its territory. Nearly 3 decades later, Russia has invaded Ukraine using its own nuclear arsenal to bully other nations from interceding. In this special episode of AT THE BRINK, we explore whether Ukrainian denuclearization was a fateful mistake and if a nuclear Ukraine could have prevented the Russian invasion.

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