A podcast about humanity’s most terrible weapon, and the stories of those who have shaped its history.


We created a weapon that could end humanity — but can we control it?

Scattered around the world, under the control of opposing nations, exists some fifteen thousand nuclear weapons. The most powerful destructive force ever created, these weapons have the capacity to devastate the entire planet several times over.

When former Secretary of Defense William Perry declared he believed that the danger of a nuclear catastrophe was greater today than any time in history, his granddaughter, Lisa Perry, set out to discover why.

Featuring the personal stories of presidents, cabinet members, congressmen, nuclear physicists, atomic bomb survivors, military officials, and activists, At The Brink is a primer for every world citizen to learn how we can step back from the brink.

Host: Lisa Perry  @LisaAtTheBrink

Featuring: Dr. William J. Perry, 19th U.S. Secretary of Defense  @SecDef19


Beyond the podcast, AT THE BRINK also produces a variety of videos on nuclear topics, as featured on our YouTube channel. These range from short animated “explainer” videos, two animated “nightmare scenarios”, a host of short lecture-style videos by Stanford Professor Scott Sagan, and two online courses created by Dr. Perry.

And we don’t want to limit you to our content…there is a large variety of excellent material on the topic of nuclear weapons, and we will guide you to some of the most helpful, including books, videos, podcasts, websites, and academic programs. Let’s all become more educated!


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Lisa Perry 
The Host

Lisa Perry is the Director for the William J. Perry Project and creator and host of the AT THE BRINK podcast. Lisa was motivated by the work of her grandfather, former Secretary of Defense William Perry, to help better translate nuclear issues for her post-Cold War generation. Inspired by Dr. Perry's many intimate accounts of dealing directly with the nuclear threat, Lisa conceived of the idea for a podcast that explored the personal impact of the often difficult-to-grasp issues surrounding these weapons.


Dr. William J. Perry
The Visionary

In a remarkable career that has spanned academia, industry, entrepreneurship, government, and diplomacy, Bill Perry has dealt firsthand with the changing nuclear threat, most notably as Secretary of Defense under President Bill Clinton. His 2015 memoir, My Journey at the Nuclear Brink, is a personal account of his lifelong effort to reduce nuclear dangers. He founded the William J. Perry Project to educate the public on these dangers. In 2020 Perry co-authored along with Tom Collina THE BUTTON: The New Nuclear Arms Race and Presidential Power from Truman to Trump. He is the Michael and Barbara Berberian Professor (emeritus) at Stanford University. He is a husband, father of five, grandfather of eight, and a great-grandfather of six. He continues to travel the world in pursuit of his goal to eliminate the danger of nuclear weapons.